“I contacted Clare to help me to use the Gupta programme tailored to what I need and to help me to understand some blockages and events from my past.  I found her really easy to talk to and extremely good at getting to the bottom of things, making connections and helping me to deal with life on a more moment to moment basis, rather than constantly thinking about the rest of my life and the world’s problems as well.  Clare helps you to see things in a different light and I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Brenda, Worcestershire.”

I just wanted to let you know that I’m now feeling great and doing everything I could ever wish to do! I’ve just bought a race stand up paddleboard and I have been out on the river Avon near our house every day for the last month, paddling up to 10k at a time! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your truly amazing support, comfort and guidance. You got me through the darkest days and onto the path out into the light. Thanks so much, you are an amazing coach.

Simon, Somerset UK

I started having sessions with Clare in December 2018, having been recommended her to help tackle my ME illness. I had been using the Gupta Programme with limited success for a few months and was keen to see if Clare could help. Within a day of my first session with her I had gone from about 25% health to 40%. After another session I was at 50% (which coincided beautifully with Christmas day where I didn’t even think about my illness at all and had a completely normal, very busy, family-filled day). I started to see Clare regularly and each time saw a jump in my health.

Eventually Clare suggested I give things a go on my own, and I did so for around a year. In that time I met my life partner, moved cities and got my life back. But I started to wonder if she could help with non-health related issues that I was having around my attachment style and some destructive patterns I was experiencing. We started to have monthly sessions, and they were quite frankly life- changing. Again, within days of sessions with Clare I saw so much change in my own coping mechanisms. She introduced me to new behaviours, new thoughts and great additional research. I had previously been having weekly sessions with a counsellor for four years, and when I stopped those and invested in sessions with Clare we got more done in a couple of sessions than I did in all that time in the counsellors therapy room!

Emma, London UK

’I became ill with covid in March 2020 after a long period of high stress due to family circumstances. After several weeks of not recovering it became clear that this wasn’t a straightforward illness and months later I had deteriorated to the point of being bedridden and barely able to care for myself. In November that year I discovered the Gupta programme and gradually I began to make steps towards recovery. I contacted Clare as I felt I needed some extra support through the process. My sessions with her were invaluable. With clear and consistent guidance, she helped me work through and smooth out the knots I encountered on my journey to recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone needing help through their healing process.’

Jo, UK

“I contacted Clare for coaching with the Gupta Programme. I was struggling specifically with how to use the Gupta techniques to address some of my non-symptom anxiety patterns. I had felt hesitant to contact anyone for help, but Clare’s warm and encouraging manner made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. She asked very insightful questions that quickly got to the root of my problems and offered great suggestions for customizing the Gupta techniques specifically for my issues. After only one and a half sessions, I have been able to implement her advice, and it has already helped me so much! Clare has been really wonderful, and I would definitely recommend her!” 

Rachel, USA

“I have had much experience with therapists of many types over the years and have found Clare to be the best! She has the rare ability to listen when needed and give insight when required. And her insights are pure gold! She takes what are often a jumble of thoughts, fears and insecurities and comes straight to the heart of the matter, giving a practical view of what’s happening and guiding me through to possible ways of addressing the issues. She is kind and reflective, yet to the point and often offers a healthy dose of empathy which is very powerful in itself – Clare has been there and it shows. I am grateful to have walked my journey with her.”

Elaine,  Ireland