“I contacted Clare for coaching with the Gupta Programme. I was struggling specifically with how to use the Gupta techniques to address some of my non-symptom anxiety patterns. I had felt hesitant to contact anyone for help, but Clare’s warm and encouraging manner made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. She asked very insightful questions that quickly got to the root of my problems, and offered great suggestions for customizing the Gupta techniques specifically for my issues. After only one and a half sessions, I have been able to implement her advice, and it has already helped me so much! Clare has been really wonderful and I would definitely recommend her!” Rachel, USA


What is Stress Resilience?

Do you feel “stressed out”, “tired all the time” or “not coping as well as usual”? All these are common responses to life’s pressures. We feel “stressed” when our perception of what life is demanding from us right now feels more than our ability to cope.

Resilience is the ability to bend and bounce back, rather than break, when the pressure mounts, or one of life’s storms hits us.  The ability to bend and not break is something we all have to some degree, (or we wouldn’t have got as far as we have) and the good news is that it is possible to strengthen our resilience much further by learning new skills for responding, rather than reacting, to what life throws at us.  Increasing our resilience helps us to flow around life’s obstacles rather than get blocked by them.

It’s Only Stress…?

Stress might be an everyday occurrence for most of us, but it has far reaching effects on our bodies and minds. Anything that causes us stress activates the “threat detection system” of the brain, which then primes body for the fight, flight or freeze reaction.  When this happens repeatedly over a long period of time, or in a traumatic event, then chronic illness can be the result.  Many people with Chronic Fatigue/M.E., fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can trace the start of their illness back to an extremely stressful period (with or without a viral or bacterial infection) or a shock event.

How I can Help

I have also experienced Chronic Fatigue/M.E. and fibromyalgia in my life, before recovering completely using the Gupta Programme, so I really understand, first hand, the pain, fog and exhaustion of these conditions.  I use that experience and extensive further training to help you recover from Chronic Fatigue/fibromyalgia, increase resilience to stress, and reclaim the life you want to live.

Using a kind and respectful psychotherapeutic coaching approach, I help clients move out of their state of stress or illness and towards greater resilience in the future.  I use the Gupta Programme as a tool to help clients if they wish.  My longstanding practice of mindfulness, and my NLP coaching skills and integrative psychotherapy training are used to give clients new flexible tools and new ways of responding to pressure – skills for a better and more sustainable life.

I work internationally via Skype and phone. Please get in touch to book a session

Email:  stressresilience@hotmail.co.uk,